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Physical Demands Analysis

…..The foundation of a great ergonomics program begins with PDAs, these reports assist with claims management and also identify opportunities for improvement through the measurement of the joint ranges of movement, cycle times, reach and strength demands essential to achieve the end result of a task or set of tasks.

Ergonomic Assessments

…..Assessments of current and proposed workstations to identify ergonomic concerns, root causes and solutions that eliminate or control worker exposure to ergonomic stressors and risk to injury. 


Risk Analysis & Job Rotation Assessments

…..Risk Analyses are a great means of prioritizing your Ergonomic efforts and can be used with trend analysis to target problematic workstations and tasks.  Looking for an administrative control that; reduces monotony, achieves cross training, stimulates the minds of your team members and minimizes the exposure to ergonomic stressors in specific tasks then Job Rotation may be an option that fits.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

…..Comprehensive or Concise; depending on your needs choose a full lengthy comprehensive assessment and report for workers having difficulty returning to the workplace or a Concise, quick assessment and report for proactive general assessments where preventing or improving working postures and work methods is desired.

Workstation, Equipment and Tool Design Reviews

…..Designing in good ergonomics at the blueprint stage where the cost to make modifications is 10% of what it would be after implementation.  This is the most proactive and feasible approach you can take to tackling Ergonomic problems in your work place.



Claims Management

Pre Placement Post Offer Screening

Injury Prevention Programs

¨ Remain @ Work & Return to Work Programs

¨ Job Match Analysis

¨ Compatibility Assessments

¨ Trend Analysis

…..Getting your team members back to their regular work in a timely and safe manner.  Identifying trends in incidents and claims to provide direction for your ergonomic efforts.

…..Can your applicants safely perform the job they are being hired for? PPPO testing is a means of objectively finding out.

Assisting your team in developing, implementing and maintaining a sustainable successful Injury Prevention Program that supports your business objectives; Safety, Growth, Improvement, Productivity,  Efficiency, Quality…… or whatever else they may be