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Innovative Ergonomics for your Company…  
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Specializing in the prevention of injuries through the application of successful ergonomics, from simple to innovative solutions in your workplace.

Working hand-in-hand with your team to promote health and wellness and business growth.


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Ergonomics for Manufacturing Inc.

Ergonomics for Manufacturing Inc.

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What some of our clients have said;

¨  “Ann Marie proved to be the perfect choice in an ergonomics consultant for a project that proposed major changes to our logistics group. Ann Marie worked closely with our team to understand the current challenges, and validate the assessment of changes that were proposed. I particularly appreciated her ability to communicate with our shop floor employees, both to listen to and understand their concerns, as well as to help win their confidence and support in learning new ways of working. I highly recommend Ann Marie; I would not hesitate to call her myself to consult on another project for me.” Cheryl Gasparet, Direct, Human Resources, Health, Safety & Environment, ATS, Cambridge, ON


¨ “Ann Marie is a professional who has worked with our management team as an ergonomics consultant since 1999.  As an integral part of our continuous improvement efforts, she has assisted with redesigning workstation to be more ergonomically friendly, completed PDA’s, & developed associated safe job rotation—not to mention, is a key part of our RTW program.  She works well with the front line members and management alike, which is a result of her ability to relate her immense technical knowledge in a way that suits her audience.  I recommend Ann Marie for all matters relating to ergonomics and injury prevention.” Asad (Acey) Kaspar, Plant manager, Dana, Power Technologies Group, Mt. Forest, ON