Training to fit your team

Ergonomic Awareness

…..Education for your team members to inform them on ergonomic stressors in the workplace

 and how to minimize their risk to injury.

Office Ergonomics

…..Coach your team on the principles of good workstation set up, good work methods and

how to make simple changes to improve their comfort.

Ergonomic Design Guidelines for Engineers

…..Empower your Engineers with the knowledge to design ergonomically friendly workstations

 to maximize productivity while minimizing the risk to injury.

Ergonomics for your JHSC/Ergonomics Committee

…..Teach your team members how to identify ergonomic hazards, weed out the root causes and prioritize solutions.


…..Dynamic stretching is a means to warm up muscles to ready them for work and static stretching is intended to relax tight muscles to increase flexibility, maximize strength and counter the effects of work.

Best Practices Workshops

…..Looking to identify some low cost behavioural solutions to control exposure to

ergonomic hazards in the work place, let us take a look and come up with some best

practices that can be passed onto your team.

Remain @ Work & Return to Work Programs

…..Develop and train your team members on a R@W or RTW program that works for your

company, facilitating the management of incidents and injuries for a quick return to

regular duties and containment of costs.

Innovative Ergonomics for your Company… 

….Assessments to Solutions


Ergonomics for Manufacturing Inc.

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